Is Your Leadership Future-Ready?

Discover key insights and actionable strategies to become a self-aware leader who succeeds no matter what the future holds.

Did You Know…

95% of people think they are self-aware, but only 10-15% actually are?

Why should you become a more self-aware leader?

Evidence shows that self-awareness is the single greatest predictor of leadership success. A self-aware person knows what they stand for and how others see them. They are influential, confident, perform better at work and score more promotions.

My course will teach you how to…

  • Discover your values and aspirations to become a more effective and authentic leader
  • Build a culture of trust and respect for an open and creative work environment
  • Replace negative behaviors with action-oriented and solution-focused processes
  • Save time and energy with tactful, efficient, decision making strategies
  • Harness your emotions to live mindfully and control day-to-day stresses

How self-aware are you?

Take the quiz to find out!

Why I’m the right person for the job…

  • Ph.D in Industrial-Organizational Psychology
  • Hailed #1 Self-Awareness Coach in the world
  • NYT best-selling author of Bankable Leadership and Insight

With 15-plus years as an organizational psychologist, I’ve seen the powerful, game-changing improvements my clients have experienced in their success and happiness, just by improving their self-awareness.

It’s a skill that can literally change your life, not just as a leader, but as a human being.

My Clients

Measurable. Tangible. Results.

  • 100% reported improvement in their leadership effectiveness.
  • 100% reported improvement in both their work and personal relationships.
  • 92% reported becoming better influencers and communicators.
  • 92% said they were more successful at dealing with difficult people.
  • 92% reported an increase in sales effectiveness.

What People Are Saying…

If I had to name the secret ingredient to the success I’ve enjoyed in my career, I would say that it all boils down to a commitment to self-awareness. Tasha Eurich shows how we can all seize that single greatest opportunity for continuous growth, improvement, and performance.

— Alan Mulally,

retired CEO of Boeing Commercial Airlines and The Ford Motor Company

In INSIGHT, Tasha Eurich shines a spotlight on people who have managed to gain insight into themselves, and she suggests groundbreaking strategies and tips for seeing ourselves clearly. This book is a powerful resource for anyone seeking to live a happier, more successful life.

— Gretchen Rubin,

NY Times bestselling author of The Happiness Project, and Better Than Before

The Course at a Glance

The online course is split in 6 modules featuring over 47 video-lessons and 68 exercises to help you start applying concepts in you day-to-day life.

Take the course at your own pace and dive into the inspiring stories, eye-opening research and surprising stratgies that will help you become a more self-aware leader.

Module 1
Self-Awareness Archetypes + Self-Assesment
Module 2
Debunking Myths + Why Insight Lowers Stress
Module 3
Double Your Feedback with Half the Effort
Module 4
How + Why to Build a Self-Aware Team
Module 5
Tools to Handle Toxic ‘Unaware’ Peers
Module 6
The 7 Day Insight Challenge for Quick Wins

Frequent Questions

Why is this course different from others?

I can promise you that this material is unlike any other offering on self-awareness and leadership that is out there. This course is based on years of research—nearly one thousand journal articles, and quantitative and qualitative studies with thousands of people around the world. It takes the concepts in my bestselling book, Insight, and helps you apply them to your life to become measurably and sustainably more self-aware in short order. If you enjoyed the book, the course will help you take your learning to the next level!

When does the course start?

The course content will be available to begin the moment you sign up, and it’s up to you when and how you want to engage! Since you will have full access to the course, you can work through the content at your own pace, but we’ve also created a simple framework that will allow you to complete it in six weeks with just a couple hours invested each week

Is this course really just all about self-awareness?

This course is about using self-awareness to be a better, happier, more successful leader. While this course focuses on self-awareness, it’s also about acting on the information that self-awareness provides you with. This is why the ripple effects in all areas of your life can be so huge.

What is the time commitment for the course?

Since you will have full access to the course, you can work through the content at your own pace, and invest as much time into it as you would like. In addition, we’ve created a simple course completion framework that will allow you to complete the course content in six weeks with less than 60 minutes of videos and usually less than one hour of application exercises per week.

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